You’re so vain, you probably think you should write a blog…

“Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher,

vanity of vanities! All is vanity…


The wind blows to the south 

and goes around to the north; 

around and around goes the wind,

and on its circuits the wind returns.”

Ecclesiastes 1:1-6


Isn’t it neat that Solomon recognized the vanity of life even before the invention of the internet?  Just imagine what he’d think about our world today.  Perhaps he’d say something like this:   

“Of making many blogs there is no end, and much surfing is a weariness of the flesh.”

Now that I’ve acknowledged how bleak my chances of success are, let me take this opportunity to announce that I’M STARTING MY OWN INTERNET BLOG!  Hooray!  

I promise that I will at least measure up to Solomon’s expectations.  And who knows, you might even find it profitable.  (But please don’t hold your breath.)  

I’ve decided to call the blog “The North Wind.”  If I don’t get anything else right, I hope you’ll at least think I’ve chosen a clever name.  After all, we here in Maine know a little something about the north wind.  It’s cold, irregular, and cold.  And did I mention cold?  Such is life for the northerner.  And such can be life for the Christian as well.  Trials and temptations come and go without warning.  We are often unprepared for the spiritual nor’easters that batter our faith.    

However, my purpose in writing the blog is not simply to lament the cold and irregular realities of life.  Mainers don’t need any help with that.  “It’s wicked cold out!”  There, done.  No – what I really want to do is provide a little bit of warmth.  Throw a few logs on your fire.  

 I’m not really interested in being contentious or picking a fight either.  My target audience is the church (both my own congregation and other Christians who are interested).  So, if you’re reading the blog and you don’t consider yourself a Christian, just a fair warning, there may be some things that you disagree with.  I’d be happy to discuss anything further with you, but I’d prefer that the tone always be respectful.   

Going forward, here are a few things you can expect to see on the blog:            

  1. A variety of teaching on biblical, theological, spiritual, and ethical subjects 

  2. Brief commentary on current events from the perspective of a Christian worldview (I will do this sparingly, and with hopes of avoiding areas where Christians tend to disagree)

  3. Supplemental thoughts related to Sunday sermons 

  4. General observations on church life and suggestions about how we can best grow together

  5. Humorous anecdotes and other tidbits that you may or may not find helpful 

 I think that about covers it.  Thanks for reading and stay warm!


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