I remember one time while we were living in Philadelphia it snowed about 14 inches.  Now, for Mainers, 14 inches is no big deal.  You might even go to the beach - who knows.  But in Philadelphia it proved to be a significant challenge for people.  Case in point, the morning after the storm, I was driving along and there on the side of the road, there was a girl whose car had been completely plowed in by the city trucks.  There was snow up to her windows on every side.  But instead of using a shovel, (which seemed to me to be the logical choice given her predicament), this is what she did.  (And I’m not joking).  She was out there with a kitchen table salt-shaker sprinkling as much as she could all over the snow.  Hmmmm…. I remember thinking, boy I hope she doesn’t need to go to work this morning because she is definitely NOT going to make it.

This is a good illustration for us as Christians.  Trying to find satisfaction in THIS life and heaven in the NEXT life – apart from Jesus Christ – is kind of like trying to melt a snowbank with a salt-shaker.  It’ll never work.  But for whatever reason, we keep trying.  We follow selfish pursuits and harbor sinful attitudes.  We fill up our lives with trivial pleasures and expect them to do what only God can. 

Jesus says, in John chapters 4 and 6, that the bread and drink he offers bring true and lasting satisfaction.  So follow him.  Put your trust in him.  Give him your full allegiance and seek to serve him with all that you have. 


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