At the end of The Wizard of OZ, Glinda tells Dorothy some pretty shocking news.  The shocking news was that Dorothy never really needed the wizard’s help to get back to Kansas – she possessed the power all along.  And the same was true for her travelling companions.  They didn’t really need the wizard in order to think clearly, feel strongly, or to act bravely.  They could do all those things on their own, and they proved it by reducing the Wicked Witch of the West to a pile of saturated black robes. 

In our culture today God is increasingly being viewed as nothing more than the man behind the curtain.  Instead of believing in him, we are told to believe in ourselves.  Instead of recognizing our own limitations and looking for salvation outside of ourselves, we are encouraged to become our own salvation. 

But don’t be fooled. 

Unlike Dorothy Gale, you don’t own a pair of ruby slippers.  Just because we might believe in something with all of our heart (e.g. there’s no place like home) and we long for that something like we’ve never longed for anything before, it still doesn’t make it so.  In real life it doesn’t matter how many times you click your heels, it’s not going to change the fact that you are powerless to overcome the problems of guilt, shame, isolation and death that so plague our world. 

That’s when we need to remember that God is God, and WE ARE NOT.  He is the only who can bring us to our heavenly home.  Not in a hot air balloon, but through the cross.  God didn’t stand behind a curtain and shout impossible demands at poor lost souls, but Christ left his own beautiful city to enter our world.  He defeated our enemies by his death, and rose again so that where he is we may be also. 

Put your faith in this great and powerful God. 


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