Christians get depressed too

Chances are you know someone who struggles with depression.  Or maybe you struggle with depression yourself.  If you do, you’ve realized that there can be a mentality in the Christian community that says Christians—at least strong, mature Christians—don’t get depressed.  Because of this pervasive (and false) belief many believers have unnecessarily suffered at the hands of misguided pastors and counselors who believe that depressed people simply aren’t trusting God enough.

In his book Christians Get Depressed Too David Murray sets out to debunk the myth that mature, strong Christians don’t get depressed.  He answers questions like: “Why should we study depression?  How should we study depression?”  Murray also outlines for his readers the complexity of depression, the causes of depression, and the cures for depression.

In this blog series titled after the name of Murray’s book, we’ll blog through each chapter, interacting with insights made by Murray with the hope that people will find this book a useful corrective to much of the one-dimensional counseling that occurs in the Christian church regarding this important topic.

In his preface Murray answers the question, “What qualifies you to write about the subject of depression?”.  He answers in four ways:

  1.  He has checked all the contents with an experienced doctor and Christian psychologist who both have had first-hand experience treating patients with depression.

  2. Before becoming a seminary profession Murray was a pastor for twelve years and has interacted extensively with people who have suffered from depression.

  3. He has had, “close and painful experience with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks” (pg. xi) with friends and loved ones.

  4. Murray believes God has given him a burden to write on the subject that he cannot ignore. 

In the next installment, Murray answers the question, “Why should we study depression?”  And gives us eight reasons!

- Pastor Danny


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