In a culture that often values style over substance, 2nd Parish offers a breath of fresh air.  We want you to grow in your knowledge of God and in your love for Christ in substantial, meaningful ways. That will never be accomplished through trite slogans or superficial programs. Our focus here instead is on biblical teaching and preaching, Spirit-filled worship, faithful discipleship, evangelistic outreach, and on loving one another. Here are a few defining characteristics of our church.

Historically Grounded

We did not invent the church. Jesus has been building it for 2,000 years. As such, we seek to maintain and advance the faithful, historic witness of God's people throughout the ages. We adhere to the classic creeds of the early church and stand within the tradition of the Protestant Reformation. 

Currently Engaged

Our respect for the past only fuels our passion for the present. We apply the time-tested truth of God's Word with boldness, relevance, and confidence. We do not shy away from the difficult questions raised by 21st century skeptics. Our goal is to meet people where they are and bring the gospel to bear in every situation. More than anything else today, we know that the world needs Jesus Christ. 

Looking to the Future

Jesus will continue to build his church until the day he comes again. Armed with this assurance, we are a mission-minded, forward-looking church. We strongly support the work of local and foreign missions. We invest heavily in the lives of our young people and view them as an integral part of everything we do. We refuse to accept the spiritual status quo but always seek to bring our lives into conformity with God's will.