We have two services on Sunday, one is at 10:00 A.M. and the other is at 6:00 P.M.  Both tend to last about an hour and nursery is available for kids through age 4.  As far as worship style goes, we avoid labeling ourselves as either “traditional” or “contemporary.”  We try to incorporate the best of what the church has produced throughout the ages.  That may mean singing a classic hymn written in the 7th century, or it could be a song that you heard on the radio last week.  Whatever is honoring to God and good for building people up – that’s what we strive for in worship.

One thing you’ll also notice about our worship is that we take our faith seriously.  Although we strive to keep our worship accessible to people at various stages in their Christian life, we never settle for "Christianity Lite."  We believe it is God's will that all his children press on to maturity in their faith.  If you are coming with some doubts about Christianity or some struggles in your personal life, our pastors are happy to talk with you.  But prepare to be challenged, prepare to be encouraged, and prepare to be blessed as God’s Spirit works in mighty ways.