Ivy Fellowship

The Ivy group is made up of 2nd Parish women who are eager to serve in various ways in the life of the church.  They coordinate outreach efforts to those in need, promote greater friendships, sponsor various projects and events for the good of the church, encourage interest in foreign missions, and help with the general upkeep and décor of church facilities.  The Ivy group meets on a monthly basis.   


Men's Fellowship

Every few months the men get together for a hearty breakfast and some healthy conversation.  In addition to breakfast, there are many opportunities to connect via hunting trips, ballgames, and the occasional retreat. 


Suppers for Six

We believe that a big part of what it means to be a church is to be involved in each others lives in meaningful ways.  One of the ways we do this is by hanging out in each others homes and eating!  These suppers can be a lot of fun and they provide a great venue for getting to know people within the church.