Ronald Cote

Ron is recently retired from teaching and lives in Hollis with his wife, Jean.  They have 4 grown children, Carrie, Christopher, Melissa, and Travis.  Ron is active in many ways in the church.  He's always willing to help when there's a need and there doesn't seem to be anything he can't fix.  Jean has been an active member of the Ivy Fellowship group for many years and encourages everyone through her cheerful contribution to church life.  The Cotes are the best of friends to many people in the congregation.     

Jonathan Eiten

Jonathan is a talented artist who specializes in Dutch style, still-life painting.  He is a member of the Copley Society of Art.  Jonathan and his wife, Julia, have two boys, Arjan and Willem.  Julia plays viola for the Portland Symphony Orchestra, teaches music, and also serves as administrative assistant for the church.  The Eitens are one of those families that people gravitate toward.  They are a blessing to have in the church! 

Stephen MacDonald

As an emeritus professor at the University of Southern Maine, Steve still teaches math part-time and lives in Gorham with his wife Anne.  They have 2 grown children, Sam and Sarah.  Steve and Anne have deep roots in Maine and deep roots here at 2nd Parish.  In an age of come-and-go ministries, their consistent selflessness in the Lord's service provides an example for us all.  Steve and Anne bring wisdom, experience, and plenty of grace to every situation.     

Mark Stevens

Mark is heavily involved with our church plant in Bridgton.  He is kind and understanding, a great listener, and someone who abounds with love for Christ.  In addition to his tireless efforts in the church, Mark has worked for the postal service for many years. 

Donald Theriault

Don is a periodontist with a practice right here in Portland.  He and his wife, Doreen, have 3 children, Kimberly, Abby & Luke.  With an extensive background in forestry and having served over 10 years in the Air Force, Don brings an a breadth of knowledge and experience to the table.  Doreen is very active with the young moms of the church and serves as chairman of the trustees.  She consistently gives of herself to make 2nd Parish a warm and inviting place for all.